Public Disclosure Policy

Verva Pharmaceuticals Limited (”Verva” or the “Company“) is a public but unlisted company.  As such, Verva is obliged to disclose financial and business information in accordance with Australian corporations law but is not required to conform with Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listing rules.

In order to promote clear and open communications with its shareholders and the community at large, Verva will, where feasible, make public disclosures of information consistent with ASX listing rule 3.1 as if it were a listed entity.  Since Verva is subject to the application of Chapter 6 of the Corporations Act (the Takeover Provisions), Verva will also disclose all substantial shareholder and other relevant notices as received by the Company.

Disclosures will be made primarily through the Verva website ( and by e-mail communication with parties who have supplied Verva with a valid e-mail address.  Verva has previously released information via other outlets (e.g. wire services) and may or may not elect do so in the future.  Information flow via sources other than the Verva website or direct Company communications is outside of the Company’s control and the accuracy of such information cannot be guaranteed.  Verva will endeavour to ensure timely and accurate disclosure of information; however, it should be noted that the choice to make disclosures is voluntary and Company disclosures should not be the only information upon which investment or other decisions are based.

Verva is not required to release quarterly or half-yearly returns and will not adopt this practice while it remains an unlisted company.  Verva’s annual accounts are provided to holders of Verva securities but are not disclosed publicly.

Queries regarding Verva’s disclosure policy should be directed to the Company Secretary Mr. Matthew Murphy by e-mail or by phone (03) 9869 5900.